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Tarna Mare is the northernmost commune in Satu Mare County? The town is located at the foot of the Oas Mountains, on the valley of the Tarna creek, at a distance of 60 km from the municipality, county residence. The commune has a border with Ukraine.

The village is composed of four villages : Tarna Mare (residence), Bocicău , Valea Seacă and Văgas. The name of the locality comes from the creek that’s running through it.Tarna Mare was first mentioned in documents in 1430, the Slavic term’tarna’ meaning ‘thorn’.

Since the 15th century it has been the domain of the Perenyi family, and later other families with smaller estates appear. The names of the main owners are also related to the colonization of Slovaks and Germans in the 19 th century. The Colonists were brought to give the impetus to the local wine, mining and logging activity.

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