The fairy road is in Satu Mare county. A hundred-year-old story

From the center of Turt, the road leading to the Orthodox Monastery with the great Martyr Gheorghe in Turt Bai, is about 7 km in length.

This road, according to the legend and the stories of the oldest, lies on the route on which in the past because of the invasion of the migratory peoples the women, children and girls (fairies) withdrew between the mountains at the Fairy Pantry where they sat hidden and prayed to God until the danger passed, the name of the village of Câmârzana being of these happenings.

The Orthodox monastery with the name of the Great Martyr Gheorghe in the village of Turt Bai, is located in a wonderful mountain landscape at the foot of the gorun forest on the hill of Coparcea, from where you can see with the naked eye the town of Satu Mare and all the villages in the area.

The town is called Turţ Băi, because here was a mine, several hundred years old. Turţ Băi, because \”bathroom\” means „mine ” in the local language. Turţ Băi, where the hermitage is located, on Copăcea Hill, is a small locality, with only a few dozen house numbers and a little over 100 inhabitants. In the time of Empress Maria Theresa, the first inhabitants, Slovaks and Hungarians, were brought here to work in the mine of non-ferrous and rare metals.

The ore was transported by cart to Baia Mare. From Turţ to the hermitage there are 7 km, on a hilly, cobbled and difficult road. The old mine was located near Turt Băi, and in the 1960s a new mine was established, a few kilometers away from the old one, where more than 1,500 employees worked.

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